Hotel Management System

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Hotel Management System (HMS) with Hotel Booking System Module (HBS)

  1. Customer Expectations
  2. Hotel Management System
  3. Hotel Management System Process Flow
  4. Hotel Network Locking System
  5. Online Payment Module
  6. Hardware
  7. Result, Run and Development

Customer Expectations

  • Management
  • Hotel Management system for hotel employee to manage daily operation such as check in /check out and payment module
  • Hotel locking system
  • Payment System (linked to credit card Visa/Mastercard)
  • Reservation
  • Online Reservation system for customer (Web base )
  • Hotel Reservation System for In house (Application base)
  • Hosting Server and Application for full hotel reservation system (Proposal – one in house server, one web hosting in Singapore )
  • Payment System (linked to credit card Visa/Mastercard)
  • POS
  • POS system to handle coffee house and massage center and other retails daily sale operation
  • POS system has the capability to deduct breakfast or other purchase using the door access RFID cards.
  • POS terminal
  • Kiosk
  • Kiosk integrated system to handle hotel check in and check out process
  • Kiosk hardware including touch screen monitor, embedded computer, RFID access card writer and reader, room card dispenser or scanner, receipt printer
  • Server Hosting
  • Hotel Management System Server Hosting
  • Hotel Online Booking System Web Hosting
  • System Integration
  • System integration between Hotel Management System with Hotel Online Booking system
  • System integration between Hotel Management System with Hotel Locking system
  • System integration between Hotel Management System with Staff Badge ID
  • Additional Enquiries
  • Employee Badge ID for security and in-out purpose – using/programming Access Card as unique staff ID card to track staff movements and security in/out of rooms
  • Coffee house to manage the customer with breakfast eligible
  • Door Access card and hardware for Hotel

Hotel Management System

Hotel Management System key features

  • Eliminate Scheduling Conflicts
  • HMS does not allow double-bookings and provides automatic conflict resolution.
  • Quickly displays facility use and availability with colored scheme and graphic views in daily and weekly formats.
  • Finds available time slots with a powerful search tool and filter.
  • Intuitive and Easy to Use
  • The intuitive and E-Commerce style web interface eliminates any need to train users.
  • Users simply click and type on the graphical calendar to make reservation.
  • Features simple navigation tools on the graphical calendar to select room and available dates
  • On-line room rate or promotional rate display
  • Eliminate Hassle and Saves Time
  • Users can create any kind of recurring schedule in seconds.
  • Eliminates phone calls and paper methods by using HBS for online requests and/or self-service reservations.
  • Reduces the time required to schedule reservations and manage the hotel, enabling hotel managers to focus on customer service.
  • Its powerful tools efficiently manage all kinds of reservation requests.
  • Improve Communications
  • Facility managers and relevant parties will receive automated change notifications, a confirmation number and a reservation status via e-mail.
  • Provides real-time access to the latest information.
  • A detailed reservation record log tracks every change made to the reservations.
  • Supports multiple hotel managers and supervisors.
  • Provides various reminder mechanisms for the hotel managers.
  • Flexible, Adaptable, and Customisable
  • Configures the system to model facility owner’s business practices (multiple rate policies, multiple charge method policies, multiple payment types, multiple rooms as a single unit in need-based use cases, et al).
  • Manages multiple facilities, each with unique characteristics and service offerings.
  • User-defined fields can be customized to capture various types of additional information.
  • Improves Customer Service
  • Enables immediate response to user inquiries on availability on the calendar viewers.
  • Users can print or email detailed confirmations to customers.
  • Provides online, interactive access via the web 24/7.
  • Provides pictures and diagrams of buildings, rooms and resources via the Web.
  • Excellent Overall Value
  • Rapid deployment keeps implementation costs to a minimum (it only takes minutes to create and configure a booking).
  • Requires minimum or no support from IT department.
  • Easy 24/7 web access to HMS anytime.
  • Department has no need to invest in software, hardware and maintenance.

POS Software User Interface

  • Manage the daily coffee house and other retail operation
  • Manage customer with breakfast eligibility
  • Manage discount item with using card value
  • Print Receipt
  • Payment – Including function of create new payment, edit and delete payment
  • Cash /Visa Credit Card option
  • Customer /Transaction Report

Software – Admin Web Portal Features

  • Hotel Booking Maintenance
  • Hotel check in and check out Maintenance
  • Generate Customized Report – Occupancy rate and so on
  • Access Right Control
  • Audit Trails


POS System Features

  • POS system to handle coffee house and massage center and other retails daily sale operation
  • POS system has the capability to deduct breakfast or other purchase using the door access RFID cards
  • Linkage to Hotel Management System


Software – HMS Web Portal Features

  • Company Information Maintenance
  • User Information Maintenance
  • Reservation Slot Scheduling
  • Reservation Slot Generating
  • Generate Customized Report
  • Access Right Control
  • Audit Trails

HMS User Groups and Major Functionalities
The four user groups in the HMS application are: End User, Individual Store Administrator and System Administrator.

End User

  • View facility availability from the calendar system
  • Make a reservation request for chargeable or non-chargeable facility
  • View Hotel room size, facility, rate
  • View/change a reservation request
  • Retrieve confirmation numbers/ reservation code

System Administrator

  • Manage user accounts
  • Manage room rate, promotion
  • Manage reservation and room arrangement
  • Manage user affiliations

Top Management / Owners

  • Configure HMS application settings
  • Review all report include room occupancy rate/ revenue
  • Manage user, staff and supervisor accounts
  • Manage room rate, promotion
  • Manage system regular business hours
  • Manage user affiliation

Languages (Bahasa Indonesia/English/Mandarin)

  • Configure to different languages (Bahasa Indonesia/English/Mandarin) selection for different users in major key pages
  • Manage internal user by using local language Bahasa Indonesia
  • Main program code and backbone of user interface is using remain in English
  • There will be addition cost stated in the project quotation for languages translation depend on number of screens set up in main program code but not for end user interface in kiosk


  • Configure HMS application settings
  • Differential the payment type of Cash or Credit Cards payment
  • Only super users or owners account able to review the reports
  • Optional for other required reports


Hotel Network Locking System

  • The management software realize the door lock control by the Ethernet network, while the current state of the door lock and related operating information will be saved or upload to the manage software .The hotel manager can real-time monitor the working status of door locks, operate door lock in real and review lock opening log, such as when and how lock opened, whether the operation is successful and other related information.
  • Why using Network Locking system – It is for the live tracking purpose if compare to the offline conventional locking system

No Network Locking System Normal Offline System

  1. Live tracking – Each networked lock unit can transfer the opening act to the digit information and send it to the control center by live time. It provides updated information 7X24-hour, all floor rooms which equipped completed. Offline – Need to update manually. Do not know which room occupied. Need to check manually. The system will need to wait for the manual data upload
  2. All the rooms will be tracked of any action of door openings (access).
    Information will be display on the screen of computer locate the control center or reception desk. Offline – All need to done manually with a Lock data collector to go each room by room and floor by floor to collect data and then upload the data to the computer software.
  3. Live simulation data – full picture at real time Manual – do not have full picture, need to depend on human being discipline and accuracy
  • Hotel Locking installation – separate LAN for locks from internet, each room has 2 cables, one for lock, one for internet.
  • No matter in any mode, power consumption is very low; the system is with stability and environmental protection. Lock with external 12V power supply and battery inside the lock.
  • Lock can automatically switch power supply, in the power cut (add-12V), the lock automatically switch to internal battery power, turn-lock feature still works.
  • Even if network failed, door opening feature still works.
  • Internal Clock in lock can control the effective time to open the door.
  • Through the network, computer can easily download door locks opening log and valid card data.
  • Computer real-time monitor the locks off state, if the door is open for long time the state will issue a warning signal to the computer. Real-time monitoring software can also get lock the dynamic information, room availability information etc.
  • In urgent cases, locks can be opened or closed by remote computer

Hotel Locking system Software

  • Hotel Locking system software – All the rooms will be tracked of any action of door openings (access).
  • Information will be display on the screen of computer locate the control center or reception desk.
  • Information will not be lost under any circumstances ,even if the computers damaged or disconnected from the network. All data will be backed up.
  • Hotel Locking system Software will be integrated as module inside the full Hotel Management System

Online Payment Module

Hardware – Kiosk Specifications

Hardware – POS Terminal

  • 2 x POS system and terminal to handle coffee house and massage centre daily sale
    operation and Access Card Reader cash slot
  • RP3000/POS Accessory Integration Tray
  • Card Value Top up module
  • USB Single Station Receipt Print ALL
  • POS Pole Display ALL
  • HP L5009tn LCD Touch Screen Monitor
  • HP USB POS MSR Keyboard Vista
  • One year hardware warranty


Hardware – Room Door Access Module

  • Hotel Lock Module
  • Power Supply with POE
  • Line Bridge
  • Card Issuer (RFID Card )
  • Energy Saving Switch


Deploy and Run Environments
The Hotel Management System web application can deploy and run on complied Microsoft Window platforms. The HMS web application and HMS database can deploy and run on the same machine or on the different machines in a distributed way. The data will be stored in SQL Database Server. The authentication for logon can use HMS internal managed encryption method.