Institute Management System

Hyetech School Management System is a comprehensive web-based Institute Management Software to manage education institutes’ day-to-day business operation. It is specially designed to help eliminate unnecessary administrative work flow and to assist you in achieving higher work efficiency.

The IMS maintains a centralized database such that all information in your system can be easily shared among authorized users so long as they have access to the internet. Whether you are an administrator or a teacher, you can log on to the IMS anytime and from anywhere to search for student records and print various reports based on your requirement.


  1. Centralised database
  2. Real-time data management
  3. Flexible Course Management
  4. Flexible Fees Management
  5. Flexible Report Management
  6. Maximise Resource Allocation and Increase Productivity
  7. Prevent unnecessary duplication of data entry and minimise human error
  8. Remote administer and control users’ access through one interface


Basic Modules in IMS

Administrator Module
Manage HR information, set levels of access right for different user portal, create public announcements as well as reminder emails to different groups of recipients.

Student Information Management Module
The system provides capabilities for maintaining students’ particular, academic information, Payment information and others. It is an integrated student profiling and course management system that handles registration & enrollment, movements, fees etc. For the international student, system able to maintain the student pass information and provide the alert function to inform when the student pass is going expire.

  • Student Database
  • Recording and retrieve potential customer records
  • Record student particulars, academic information, payment history, outstanding fee, etc.
  • Student Enrolment
  • Enrol student to course
  • Students’ status update
  • Course Transfer Management
  • Module exemption management
  • Generation of Letter of Offer
  • Student Pass Management
  • Records of pass issue & expiry date
  • Auto email triggering reminder for pass status
  • Student Contract
  • Generation of contract

Program and Course Management Module
The system provides the flexibility to manage course details, course intake/term, classes, lecturers and rooms relating to students’ enrollment and class schedule and checking for availability of lecturers and rooms.

System allows tracking the status of the student from registration to advancement through completion of each course. It able to handle and monitors the movement of a student such as student transfer courses or class, defer or withdrawal from course before completion, as well as student internship information management.

  • Course Management
  • Managing of course details
  • Setting of awarding body
  • Uploading of teaching materials
  • Intake Management
  • Defining of course intake period
  • Class Management
  • Scheduling of class
  • Assigning of lecturers
  • Planning of classroom resources

Student Attendance Management Module
Though integration with electronic attendance marking device, such as barcode scanning or biometric device, user able to easily manage and track student attendance records.

Student Attendance
Attendance marking system
Able to integrate with barcode scanner or biometric devices.
Tracking of attendance records

Student Grade Assessment Management Module
The system covers both Credit Based and Grades Based System. Its allow user to define the grading policies and weight-ages no only for each course and module but also for each class. System able to calculate student results base on the setting and able to convert the result to Grade Point, GPA or Credits.

  • Assessment Management
  • Recording of results
  • Moderation of results
  • Recording of re-exam results
  • Calculation of results based on configurable formula
  • Internship Management
  • Record internship information
  • Graduation Management
  • Printing of transcript
  • Setting of graduation criteria

Fee Management Module
The system provides the flexibility to manage course fee, application fee and other miscellaneous fee. At the same time, system able to support different application type of student whether is international or local student and also both full-time and part-time programs allow registration of the students to both the programs and the fee structure can be defined differently for both.

System provides function to maintain and track the entire fee by different payment mode and also able to handle partial payment, installment and refund. For security purpose, system provides void function for user to void the wrong invoice or receipt instead of delete the record.

  • Course Fee
  • Setting of course fee
  • Managing of course fee schedule, e.g. installment plans, etc.
  • Tracking of outstanding payment
  • Generating payment reminder letter/advice
  • Printing of invoice and official receipt
  • Email and SMS alert (optional: integration with hardware)
  • Credit Note
  • Generating of credit note
  • Others
  • Setting of application and miscellaneous fees
  • Setting of payment mode

Report Management Module
Generate various report such as financial reports, academic report, student services report, marketing report and resource management report. Flexible report management template further allow you to customize reports based on your requirements.

  • Report
  • Financial reports, e.g. revenue report, fee collection report, outstanding report, etc.
  • Academic reports, e.g. student attendance report, enrolment report, progress monitoring report, assessment results, etc.
  • Student services report, e.g. student pass monitoring report, etc
  • Marketing report, e.g. lead management report, etc.
  • FPS data spreadsheet
  • Others
  • Report can be customized according to requirements


Optional Modules in IMS

Feedback Management

  • Customise questionnaires for online feedback participation by students.
  • Results can be tabulated.
  • Survey
  • Pre-defining of questionnaires
  • Online feedback participation by students
  • Tabulation of survey results

Inventory Management Module
Manage and track courseware inventory status and movement.

Electronic Attendance Module
Take student and teacher attendance using biometric scanners or barcode scanners.

SMS/Email Alert Services
Notification can be send through SMS or email.

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