At Hyetech, we believe innovation can be achieved through Partnership. We have constantly looking into opportunity to grow our partnership network which helps us to leverage the best in technology and services.

Hyetech is keen on forming connection to communities and support non-profits organisation at our best. At Hyetech, we believe on the power of join force and together everyone achieve MORE.

By becoming a partner, you’ll be part of a community based on information-sharing and collaboration. Aside from knowing that you’re making a difference, you’ll also have a privilege of developing relationships and business opportunities with us.

Partner Us by;

  • Sharing best practices and knowledge with others
  • Collaborate to solve unique problems
  • Sharing business opportunities and develop new relationships
  • Access expert training, support, and information
  • Work with organisations with the same value, to make a difference to the community, etc.

How to Become a Partner
If you share our beliefs and value, we invite you to join our network as an esteemed partner.

Types of Partnership

Strategic Partners
Strategic partners are a key part of our business strategy. It helps us to differentiate our products while meeting the needs specific to the market.

Alliance Partners
Alliance partners provide software, products, or strategic business services and work with us to meet the needs of our mutual clients.

Referral Partners
Referral Partners are strategy, consultants or financial services firms who refer potential clients to us.

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