Customize Software Solution

  • Builds custom software solutions tailored to unique business model and optimize the success of organization.
  • Communicate with user to determine its exact nature, defining the goals of the system, structured analysis, designing process steps, and format the out put to meet user requirement

School Management System

Learning Centre Management System (LCMS) 

Hyetech Learning Centre Management System is a comprehensive web-based system especially formulated to complement daily operations at your learning centres. This is a school management system built entirely upon user experience; its functions and flexibility have consistently been modified and updated as we grow with our user experience.

Institute Management System (IMS

Hyetech Institute Management System is a comprehensive web-based Institute Management Software to manage education institutes’ day-to-day business operation. It is specially designed to help eliminate unnecessary administrative work flow and to assist you in achieving higher work efficiency.

The IMS maintains a centralized database such that all information in your system can be easily shared among authorized users so long as they have access to the internet. Whether you are an administrator or a teacher, you can log on to the IMS anytime and from anywhere to search for student records and print various reports based on your requirement.


Web & Mobile Application

Mobile development process and Mobile Application Industry The growing and increasing demand for mobile devices have given rise to modern technologies for custom based mobileapps and swiftly drifted the focus towards addition of Smart phones. The available information is being overlooked and mobilized that enable organizations’ and enterprises’to change the way their employees used to work.

We help traditional services companies with rigid processes, cover backend infrastructure needs, such as real-time access to data, centralized identity management and security, API management, and mobile-ready content delivery. The customized applications are the perfect way offulfilling all the user demands and raising the performance level and efficiency of mobile devices.



Automation For Office & Production

  • Adoption of IT Tools to enhance productivity and reduction manual work
  • Reduction in the dependency on human beings
  • Simplification of procedures, minimize process delays, improve quality of output, minimize cost of operations